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    Our companies aim is to provide a high quality professional DJ, Disco and Karaoke service for weddings, parties and all other private and corporate functions.

    In order to achieve this high standard, we vet all DJ’s personally either by attending one of their nights or by extensive following up of references, and contact with the DJ.

    We also arrange regular spot checks through mystery shopper agencies, along with sending out post event feedback forms to clients that have recently used our services.

    In this day and age it is very simply to set up as a DJ.

    The art of being a great DJ comes from experience, knowing what to play or when to play it, this is known in the business as working the crowd, when the DJ can do this then they are a true professional.

    This is why Exclusive Entertainment Services are still in business today because of it’s high standards, and professional DJ’s and Karaoke hosts.

    Customers come back time after time, not just because of our reliability, but our regulars know how much commitment goes into making the night memorable.

    Our DJs drive the show from the opening track all the way through to the close, creating a warm atmosphere within the venue.

    Our DJs and Karaoke hosts always aim to create a good atmosphere, essential to your enjoyment, and work hard to ensure their performance suits the mood of the evening.

    Our DJs and Karaoke presenters can cater for as little as 25 people up to 1,500 for larger indoor and outdoor event’s.

    All the DJ’s at Exclusive Entertainment Services use only industry standard equipment as this way we can be sure we are using what is, we believe, the finest quality.

    All our DJs equipment carries a P.A.T. certificate (portable appliance test certificate) and is tested annually to ensure it is safe to use and it meets the required standards.

    Our DJs also have appropriate public liability Insurance (PLI).

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